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Our Green Initiatives

Although our primary goal is to help you maintain and improve your oral health, Limerick Dental Care also believes in taking care of the Earth.  From reducing our waste water and use of toxic materials, to shrinking our carbon footprint, we’ve taken steps to reduce our environmental impact. 

Here are a few of the ways that Limerick Dental Care has gone Green

Digital imaging technology eliminates the need for traditional x-ray films and chemicals

Digital Imaging

In addition to using less energy and requiring less radiation, the use of digital imaging technology eliminates the need for the toxic chemicals and lead foil used with traditional x-ray films. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We use programmable thermostats to reduce the energy we use for heating and air conditioning. 

We have two autoclaves so that we can completely fill one before having to run the cycle.

Cleaner Waste Water

Our Amalgam Separator, a special water filtration system, allows for the environmentally sound disposal of old fillings, by physically removing amalgam from the waste stream preventing pollution of our local water ways.

Reducing Paper Consumption and Waste

Limerick Dental Care Recycles

Our office is completely computerized and patients have the option of receiving appointment confirmations via email, reducing our use of paper. 

We recycle cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum, ink cartridges and paper, including our shredded paper.

The magazines from our waiting room are donated to a local school and then recycled after they are used.

Saving Water

We use a Ramvac Dental Vacuum unit for our suction system.  This dry system does not require water to create suction. 

To find out more about our green initiatives, contact us and schedule a visit.  We’d be happy to show you what Limerick Dental Care is doing to responsibly preserve and protect the Earth’s precious natural resources.