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Limerick Dental Care is Family Friendly.  We treat kids of all ages !!

Dental Tips For Kids (and their parents)

Excellent dental health is a must.  Here are some ways to help your child achieve better dental health. 

Even before the child’s teeth erupt, use a clean, moist washcloth and wipe the infant’s gums.  This allows a child to get used to a parent working in their mouth. 

If your child is under age 10, thoroughly brush and floss his or her teeth at least once a day.  You, as a parent, should brush your child’s teeth to insure that it’s done properly. 

If your child is between ages 11 and 13, supervise him or her when brushing and flossing. 

After age 2, use fluoride toothpaste on your child’s teeth. 

Other parents tell me how difficult it is to get their kids to go to the dentists.  I don’t get it.  My kids love going to Limerick Dental Care.  Perhaps that’s because the doctors and staff take great care to insure that my kids feel comfortable and feel welcome... or maybe it’s the neat prize they get when they’re finished.

~ DS, East Greenville

Remember to schedule yearly fluoride treatments for your child.  Annual treatments reduce decay by 70%. 

Consider having sealants applied to your child’s permanent teeth.  studies have shown that sealants decrease decay by 98%. 

Give your child under age 12 a daily supplement if fluoride is not in your water supply. 

Limit sugar-containing foods to meal times only.  Stick with low sugar or sugar-free foods like carrots or cheese for snack options. 

If your child plays sports, invest in a night guard in order to protect their teeth from injury. 

Of course these are just general tips and every mouth is different.  Contact Us if you need more information or have specific questions about your child’s teeth.